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JewelryStore is the gateway to the world of jewelry. It helps you buy smartly from premier retailers nationwide, and learn about jewelry trends, fashion, and gift ideas. is an Authority providing comprehensive, reliable expertise and accurate, useful information on jewelry, gems and stones. JewelryStore brings you years of experience and trust associated with its participating retail partners: Zales, Macy's, JCPenney, Sears, Helzberg Diamonds and The May Company Retailers.

JewelryStore is Convenience. You no longer need go to the mall and try to figure out which jeweler has the best item for your needs -- a tiresome task at best. At JewelryStore, you can simply "pre-shop" our comprehensive collection and go to the mall prepared with a 'shopping list'; Or simply buy on-line from our trusted retailers.

JewelryStore is one-stop shopping for Gifts. When you need that perfect gift for an anniversary, birthday, engagement, holiday, or just for yourself, you need look no further than JewelryStore. By bringing together premier, nationwide retailers, JewelryStore ensures finding the perfect gift is as easy as starting up your computer.

JewelryStore is Specials. On JewelryStore, you can find the exact jewelry you want at a price that's right for you. Through our participating retailers, JewelryStore offers up-to-the-minute prices so you can see what's on sale, what's featured, and take advantage of special offers and events.

To sum it all up, JewelryStore is Unique. Thorough, independent facts and information coexist with trusted brand names to bring you unparalleled access to information and buying options. JewelryStore facilitates and enhances the often-intimidating experience of buying jewelry. The combination of informative and incisive editorial content with renowned national jewelry retailers makes JewelryStore the only site you need to make educated, confident jewelry purchases.

Yerebatan Caddesi Salkim Sögüt Sokak Keskinler Is Merkezi No : 8/305 Cagaloglu/Istanbul - Telefon : 0 212 511 22 28 - Faks : 0 212 513 59 71