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How Do I Use JewelryStore

JewelryStore is extremely easy to navigate. The menus at the top of each page easily let you go anywhere in the site. The two main functions of the site are to allow you to search for the right jewelry for you, and to educate you about jewelry so you can feel comfortable and make smart purchases.

Finding Jewelry

From the gray "Browse" menu bar:

  • Stone or Metal - You can search by the type of stone or type of metal you're looking for. For example, you can browse through all gold pieces or move your mouse to "Colored Gemstones" and select Emeralds to browse through all of the emerald pieces on the site.
  • Category - You can search by a particular type of jewelry. Looking for a necklace or a ring but not sure what sort of stone you want? Browse through all of the necklaces or all of the rings available on JewelryStore
  • Occasion - Find the perfect piece to give your loved one on a specific occasion, such as birthdays or Mother's Day. Our jewelry experts have preselected items that are appropriate on various special occasions. You can find lots of great ideas by browsing this menu.
  • Price - Know how much you're hoping to spend? Find all of the pieces of jewelry that fit within your budget. This menu is broken up into five price ranges so you'll be sure to find the piece that fits your budget.
  • Search - You can narrow your search even further by clicking on this button. You can easily set multiple search criteria. For example, you can choose to find all diamond earrings set in white gold.
  • Once you find the piece of jewelry you want to purchase, simply click on the image to find out which retailer sells it. You can use the store locator to find the store nearest you or you can buy online directly through the retailer's web site. Just click the buttons that say "Find Nearest Store" or "Buy Online."
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